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Egypt is one of most populous countries in Africa, with the majority of its 85 million people concentrated near the banks of the Nile River. Egypt's economy depends on agriculture, oil &gas, tourism and revenue generated from ships transiting the Suez Canal which links the Mediterranean with the red sea.

But build since 1986 Karimar Shipping was set in preparation for the privatization of shipping agency services and technical marine services in the country including specialized expert assistance for vessels transiting the Suez Canal and all Egyptian port.


Our services include :-


  • Ship agents with subagents in all harbors of Egypt.
  • Parcels Clearnce ( Cairio Air port to ship and vice versa )
  • Crew change sign-on/sign-off (hotel accommodation, ticketing, cars, etc…)
  • Agent of security teams (embarked & disembark)
  • Supervise & management of weapons during transit onboard.
  • Marine supply (provisions, bonded stores, cabin stores , deck/engine stores.
  • Bunkering supply.
  • Mediterranean & Far East &other lines agents.
  • Forwarding agents.
  • Cruise boats agents.
  • Off-shore assistance.
  • Coast liner agents.
  • Stores.
  • Yacht serving.
  • Container & equipment control, maintenance &repairs.
  • Planning, co-ordination, execution of loading & discharging operations.

Our agencies include loading and discharging of general cargo, Ro container ships, tankers and any requirement that owners or charters might have.

karimar Agency is one of the local largest ship agencies with a long standing reputation for quality service.  We represent more than 1500 principals and handle more than 20000 vessels annually through a worldwide network consisting of:

  • Technology of Marine communication
  • Branches in all Egyptian ports
  • Height Reaction when receive any message from vessels or ship-owners
  • Owners representative to standard lines of vessels


Our activities for shipping agency & marine suppliers in 24 hour /day, 365 days/year.
We offer our services with reliable and consistent knowledge & our commitment to serve our customers are based on a long-life experience and a successful cooperation with shipping companies with all world ship-owners & charterer.

Our agencies Superior full-vessel agency attendance and ship husbandry services throughout The Suez Canal Area and all Egyptian Ports , servicing all vessel types, and in particular, crude and clean product tankers, LNG, LPG, chemical, dry-bulk, cruise and container vessels , Customized and integrated web-based Voyage Accounting and Finance services with flexible reporting capabilities tailored to your requirements

Addition Karimar Agency -renowned vessel attendance policies ensure the fast, accurate handling of all details for ships that engage the karimar branches - expediting ship arrivals and departures, loading and unloading, and all ship operations in Egyptian ports.

Karimar Agency agents for security companies and uniquely experienced in all Egyptian. Customs, Immigration, services Coast Guard and other government regulations that affect ships, crews, guard team for embarking and disembarking and weapons clearance, cargoes etc...

We offer our services with reliable and consistent knowledge & our commitment to serve our customers are based on a long-life experience and a successful cooperation with shipping companies with all world ship-owners & charterer.


Suez Canal Transit / karimar Operations: -

Key waterway around the world can cut voyage time and costs by providing short-cut alternatives to sailing around large land masses. Wherever you go, karimar provides full service for vessels transiting such as: 

Suez Canal Area

Karimar Shipping maintains close relations with the Suez Canal authority and provides a raft of vital services to assist vessels of all kinds transiting the key waterway that links the Mediterranean with the red sea.
Key services (can be used independently or in any combination) include:

  • Port disbursement account (D/A) checking and validation
  • Centralized billing/accounting
  • Operation support hub agency centers
  • Documentation storage

Karimar Agency to Voyage Accounting/Finance & Reporting of D/A Suez Canal transit and Port charge :-
karimar Accounting and Finance Departments are uniquely poised to meet our clients’ needs. As with all karimar Shipping personnel, the Accounting and Finance Departments pride themselves on always meeting our client’s needs through continual improvement, preventative action, and teamwork.
And we have system facilitates a time tested paper and e-flow system, helping to eliminate misidentified port call charges, speeding up vendor and client inquires, and acting as a key identifier for required reports.
Addition our Finance Department coordinates all funding activity and reconciles those funds to each port call. Payment of port call expenses and accounts receivable reconciliation is done with a focus on our Principal’s needs. We utilize online banking for reporting and money movement. These online services are password accessed utilizing multi level password protection to reduce fraud exposure by requiring redundant authorization as well as a SecurID token in order to move funds.

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