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Safety Equipment

In the field of safety good, the demands of shipping are constantly on the increase. Thereby, you should contact the specialists as for Life rafts, Fire extinguishers, Expendable goods. Our company gives certified identifications, concerning service and sale of certificated kinds of goods .

Addition Karimar extensive range of loose equipment meets a vessel's complete onboard needs. Our products are certified for use in the marine environment and supported with approvals from the major classification societies. All products are fully serviceable with spares available through Egyptian ports .

Boat accessories
Boat equipment
Boats, Rescue
Cabinets, Emergency use
Cabinets, Extinguishers
Cabinets, Fire-fighting equipment
Cabinets, Fire hoses
Cabinets, Fireman outfit
Cabinets, Lifebuoy
Cabinets, Lifejackets
Cabinets, Miscellaneous
Chemical protection
Boots, Chemical
Chemical, Miscellaneous
Eye-wash, Chemical
Eye protection, Chemical
Gas detection, Chemical
Gloves, Chemical
Oil spill kit, chemical
Suits, Chemical
Davit accessories
Davits, Combi
Davits, Liferaft
Davits, Miscellaneous
Davits, Rescue boat
Distress signals and communication
Distress packs and signal sets
Electronic equipment
Fire-fighting equipment, Marine
Fire-fighter accessories
Fire-fighter suits
Fire-fighter trousers
Fire-fighter underwear
Fire-fighting, Miscellaneous
Fire blankets
Fire couplings (Marine)
Fire extinguishers (Marine)
Fire hoses (Marine)
Fire nozzles (Marine)
Fire, Inductors foam (Marine)
Fire, spares for extinguishers
High-visibility appliances
Fire fighting, EN469
Accessories, EN469
Fire suits, EN469
Jackets, EN469
Trousers, EN469
Fire fighting, NFPA
Coats, NFPA
Pants, NFPA
Hydrostatic release
HRU, Accessories
Hydrostatic release units
Remote release systems
Immersion suits
Suits, Anti exposure
Suits, Flotation
Suits, Immersion
Suits, Pilot
Suits, Transportation
Thermal protective aid
Life-saving appliances
Buoyant apparatus
Embarkation ladders
Head protection
Helicopter rescue sling
Life-saving appliances, Miscellaneous
Electronic equipment
Light sticks
Man overboard recovery systems
Pilot ladders
Rescue lines
Torch lights and safety lamps
Lifejacket boxes
Lifejacket lights
Lifejackets accessories,Yachting
Lifejackets, Inflatable
Lifejackets, Inflatable, SOLAS
Lifejackets, Solid -Yachting
Lifejackets, Solid and Thermal Protection
Liferaft accessories
Liferaft equipment
Liferafts, Davit launched
Liferafts, Davit launched, Self-righting
Liferafts, Instructions
Liferafts, Special
Liferafts, Throw overboard
Liferafts, Throw overboard, Self-righting
Liferafts, Training
Liferafts, Yachting
Marine evacuation systems
Chute systems, Marine
Direct boarding
Direct boarding, Marine
Dual Chute systems, Marine
MiniChute systems, Marine
MiniSlide systems, Marine
Slide systems, Marine
Means of rescue
Means of rescue, Miscellaneous 
Medical and emergency equipment
First aid kits
Medical outfit for shipboard use
Medical, Miscellaneous
Offshore evacuation systems
Chute systems, Offshore
Stair systems, Offshore
Breathing apparatus
Emergency escape breathing devices (EEBD)
Face mask/hood
Resuscitation equipment
Service, Liferafts
Service, Marine fire-fighting equipment
Service, MES systems
Service, Offshore installations
Service, PPE: immersion suits and lifejackets
Service, Rescue boats and davits
Signs and escape route marking
Distress packs and signal sets
Signs, Escape route marking
Safety Equipment
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