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marine logistics

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Our Mission

  • Dedicated to providing shipping and logistics services

  • Title

    Competitively priced

  • Highest quality and minimal time

  • Karimar Shipping is committed to provide marine and logistics services with ultimate quality of time and prices to assure you a shipping experience free from hassle and complexity, guided by our belief that serving the maritime world is a huge responsibility that puts on our shoulders the must of taking care of every detail precisely and carefully.

Digital Solution

Digital Solution

Our Vission

  • Aspire to offer clients integrated services

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    Covering all Egyptian ports

  • Including the Suez Canal Area

  • At Karimar Shipping, we envision a future where all marine services could support your crew while shipping are fulfilled through one channel. Our vision is to cover all egyptian ports with our services and facilitate a wide range of marine services



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Port Agency

Marine Services

Global Managed Solution

Digital Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of services in Full port Agency with our expertise and history in this field. 

Connect seamlessly to our global network of expert marine surveyors and business partners through a single contact point and get professional operational expertise, globally standardized surveys, inspections, reports, and much more.

Smooth operations with committed vendors. Our dedicated procurement team ensure that you get the best service at a better price.

Trust in verified and updated real-time, historical, and enhanced data for ports, berths, and terminals, meticulously curated by our worldwide network of port agents.

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