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Karimar Global Managed Solution

Operating a vessel in Egyptian ports comes with unique challenges. Juggling multiple vendors, navigating complex regulations, and ensuring seamless port calls can be overwhelming. At Karimar Shipping, we offer comprehensive Global Managed Solutions, providing peace of mind, operational efficiency, and cost savings for your vessels at every stage of their journey through Egyptian waters.

Husbandry Solutions

Karimar, your trusted partener fo Marine Husbandry in Egyptian Ports

  • When your vessel calls at an Egyptian port, entrust Karimar Shipping with its well-being. We offer a comprehensive suite of marine husbandry services, ensuring your vessel is perfectly prepared, expertly maintained, and efficiently supported throughout its stay.

crew logistics

Facilitate crew changes, arrange visa assistance, and provide recreational support, Providing Crew change planning, Coordinating efficient and cost-effective crew changes, considering visa requirements, transportation, and accommodation and Crew travel & immigration assistance, Managing travel arrangements, visa applications, and immigration formalities for arriving and departing crew.

Cash to master

Ensuring your captain has the funds they need for essential port expenses shouldn’t be a hassle. At Karimar Shipping, we offer a streamlined and reliable Cash to Master (CTM) service, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the financial details with precision.

Husbandry Management

Consistent husbandry services globally, from cash to master, launch and spare parts to bunkering.

Global Managed Solution

Global Managed Solution

Port call Solutions

Save time spent managing port calls.

Enhance efficiency and reduce risk

all while maintaining cost control, by allowing Karimar Shipping to oversee the complexities of port call operations. We assume responsibility for the challenges and risks associated with port call operations through a single point of contact, a dedicated bank account, and customized solutions designed to address your business requirements, and more:Direct access to our global network

  • Strong governance and compliance
  • Cost optimisation program
  • Pre-fund management
  • One dedicated bank account
  • Performance reports
  • Full transparency
  • Intuitive digital platform

Port Call Management

Reduce overall port call costs by 10% or more.

Simplify the entire port call operations and maximize results with a comprehensive solution that removes the complexity and challenges of your port calls without losing control, insight or visibility.


  • Strategic procurement
  • Cost optimisation program
  • Pre-funding management
  • Single place of remittance. One invoice and one currency
  • Competitive fees vs volume
  • Possibility to have credit facility


  • One point of contact (global finance hub team) to manage your communication with local agent
  • Verification, negotiation and validation of PDAs and FDAs
  • Vetting and monitoring of vendors and agents
  • Quarterly business reviews




  • Optic is our digital port call platform that support this solution.
  • KPI’s are integrated into Optic digital platform to meet your DA needs
  • Digital DA approval process
  • Performance dashboards
  • Reports
  • Visibility of entire process through web interface or android app

Operator Solutions

Save up to 25% with a non-fixed agreement.

  • Simplify communication and access better prices. Streamline your multiple bunker and transit calls operations. Simplify communication and access better prices. Streamline your multiple bunker and transit calls operations.

  • You can tailor the solutions to your company needs, combining our highly experience port agencies with bunker and transit calls, launches and bunker surveyors to optimise costs and save time.

Bunker and Transit Management

Benefit from a single point of contact for all operations, monthly SOAs, one currency and one bank account for your multiple bunker and transit calls. Global pricing discounts, no pre-funding if the PDA is below $10K. Further cost optimisation for preferred survey such as Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS).

BQS Management

Get the full bunker stem that you paid for, reducing cost, shortages, and the risk of claims worldwide. BQS Management is a centralized survey solution that provides a single point of contact into our network of qualified in-house surveyors and approved business partners. You can combine BQS with other services such as bunker calls to maximise time and cost savings.

Global Managed Solution

Global Managed Solution

Remittance Solutions

Pay the right amount, to the right account, at the right time.

  • Less risks and lower your costs with a Single Point of Remittance (SPOR) for all pre-funding and settlements of accounts.

One Bank Account

Reduce risks of fraud and errors by avoiding multiple bank accounts payment. Have a dedicated bank account with our SPOR service.

One Currency

Choose the currency that you would like to pay, USD or EUR, and we will provide you with the best FX rates through Smart Pay from Moneycorp.

One Statement

Minimise administration and time spent on queries, avoiding multiple transactions and reducing costs.

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