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Karimar Port Agency

Karimar shipping provides the highest quality port agency service to the maritime industry ensuring all marine services and logistics are done through our team from logistical support, certificates and customs clearance, crew services, marine supplies, emergency response, cash transactions and all shipping needs that could be covered from marine service agency.

Full port Agency

Trusted Partners in port agency.

  • Efficient port services tailored to diverse vessel types.

  • Fast response to your port calls around the 24 hours per day, all year time.

  • Trusted long term maritime partners for all your port agency needs

  • Our comprehensive range of services encompasses cargo operations, including customs clearance and movement, as well as maritime asset-related services such as repairs, maintenance spares, surveys, inspections, towage, pilots, crew logistics, and any other requirements essential for vessels during their time in port.

Port Agency Services

Port Agency Services

Protective Agency

Karimar is your shipping guard at suez canal ports

  • At Karimar shipping we provide Cargo & Vessel Monitoring using technology and personnel to monitor the status and location of vessels and cargo also Providing real-time information on vessel location, course, and speed ensuring cargo remains in good condition throughout the journey.

Rest assuring you're in trusted hands

With karimar shipping we assure you all your security, protection and shipping guidance are done smoothly and with years of experience that eliminate time and effort spent unprofitably.

Your long term success partner

at karimar shipping we maintain a long term partnership with our clients to ensure sustainability of their security and legal protection and security affairs success every time passing through our ports along suez canal. 

Bunker Call

Efficient and cost-effective bunker calls.

  • Minimize your port stays with an efficient bunkering process with karimar shipping, pay less at the pump, secure competitive fuel prices through our strong supplier network.

Bunkering operations

Wherever you anchor, fuel up fast and smart with Karimar, Alongside or at OPL, our global network thrives on local knowledge and connections. This means your bunkering call happens:

Bunker calls commitment

Swiftly Minimize downtime at port thanks to efficient planning and execution and  Safely Strict adherence to regulations and industry best practices with Cost-effective Competitive fuel prices through our vast supplier network and Let Karimar take the helm for a smooth, optimized bunkering experience – at every port.

Port Agency Services

Port Agency Services

Canal Transit

Full guide and marine services fulfilling while transiting suez canal

  • Navigating the Suez Canal, one of the world's busiest waterways, requires expertise, precision, and local knowledge. At Karimar Shipping, we provide a comprehensive solution to ensure your Suez Canal transit is smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.

Karimar Shipping, Your Expert Suez canal Navigator

Navigating the Suez Canal demands precision, expertise, and local knowledge. At Karimar Shipping, we combine all three to ensure your Egyptian port call and Suez Canal transit are smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.

Local Experts, Global Network

Decades of experience navigating the Suez, established relationships with authorities, and a global network for seamless coordination.

All in one place with Karimar shipping

Leverage our strong negotiating power to secure the best deals on canal dues, pilots, and other services, From standard transits to complex project cargo, we customize our services to fit your specific needs and vessel type.

Husbandry Services

Karimar, your trusted partner to Marine Husbandry in Egyptian Ports

  • When your vessel calls at an Egyptian port, entrust Karimar Shipping with its well-being. We offer a comprehensive suite of marine husbandry services, ensuring your vessel is perfectly prepared, expertly maintained, and efficiently supported throughout its stay.

Crew Logistics

Facilitate crew changes, arrange visa assistance, and provide recreational support, Providing Crew change planning, Coordinating efficient and cost-effective crew changes, considering visa requirements, transportation, and accommodation and Crew travel & immigration assistance, Managing travel arrangements, visa applications, and immigration formalities for arriving and departing crew.

Cash To Master

Ensuring your captain has the funds they need for essential port expenses shouldn’t be a hassle. At Karimar Shipping, we offer a streamlined and reliable Cash to Master (CTM) service, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the financial details with precision.


Port Agency Services

Port Agency Services

Dry Docking

Expert Dry Docking Solutions with Karimar Shipping

  • Maintaining your vessel in peak condition is crucial for safety, efficiency, and profitability. At Karimar Shipping, we offer comprehensive dry docking services in Egyptian ports, ensuring your vessel receives the highest quality repairs and maintenance in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Team Experience & Expertise

karimar team boasts decades of experience working with diverse vessels and shipyards in Egypt, guaranteeing a smooth and successful dry docking experience.

Extensive Network

 At karimar shipping We partner with reputable shipyards offering top-notch facilities, skilled personnel, and competitive pricing.


Tailored Solutions

At karimar shipping We create customized dry docking plans based on your vessel’s specific needs, schedule, and budget.

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